Amazing reasons to have Office 365 for your Small Business

We are sure you’ve heard about Microsoft 365. Your employees must have been talking and drop hints about it and you must have researched about Microsoft office and are wondering is it is a real solution for your small business. Think no more because the answer is yes. Office 365 is a very effective tool which will help your employees to work together in more efficient ways.

Consider the reasons listed below to see how small business benefits from Office 365.


No Matter What Happens the Show Goes On

Talking about reality, let’s face it. If your in-house system crashes or your workplace is destroyed by a disaster you are stuck. You have no data, servers or information. According to the statistics in 2015 by the U.S. Institute for Business and Home Safety showed that 25% of small businesses do no longer reopen following a major disaster. Storing all your data up in the cloud will make you in control of it always. Your show will keep going no matter what happens.

Data Security and Control

It is no longer an issue to secure data in the cloud. Office 365 has integrated safety and continuous compliance so small businesses can stop worrying about it and focus on important things. In case of you missing your mobile device, you can wipe all the data on the cloud remotely, that’s the type of control Office 365 gives you.

Flexibility is No More a Myth

With Office 365 you don’t need to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access your file for office. You don’t need any assistance or IT skills with Office 365 all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you can start working.

Get Planned

Emails, contacts, meetings, events all these are very essential part of a small business. One cool feature of Office 365 is that when you update any information like for example a phone contact on your mobile phone it automatically gets updated across all your devices. Saves you a lot of time and keep you organized.

Predictable Budget

The cost for Office 365 is very flexible and works very efficiently for a small business model. With no upfront cost and pay monthly bills and an amazing feature of paying according to the number of users, you can control your expenditure. There’s no fixed contract which means that you can change your package depending upon the expansion of your business anytime.

Bigger Mailbox Storage

In a business set up saving emails into the mailbox is a common practice. With Office 365 you get a whopping 50Gb storage for your mailbox which is large enough to get rid of those red popups that remind you to delete your emails.

No Worries About Licensing

One of a major headache for small businesses is to manage software licensing. Not all employees work at the same pace to get them all to work on the same version which means at instances there will be some employees working on one version and the other on a different version. Office 365 includes all licensing which can be deployed company-wide. This will make sure that all employees are working on the same version.


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