How to plan your office relocation more efficiently.

A couple of moving vans and your word to your mailman is not just enough these days when it comes to relocating: there may be a whole IT infrastructure and business network configuration to shift, as well.

One can easily overlook important things during the stressful time of relocation. To avoid this, you should be looking into your IT infrastructure in a logical and point to point the way. To make your office relocation hassle free below are some factors you should bear in mind.

Planning & Groundworks

Moving out without any plan is not a good idea, therefore, before deciding any physical or virtual moves, you must first get a top-level view of your situation, make plans and gather the vital expertise and sources.

Devices & Technology

At this point, you should be listing the logical/physical connection between network components. To do so there are a few important points to consider.


For uninterrupted communications, a VoIP (voice over net protocol) telephony gadget and Session Initiation Protocol or SIP should be considered. These systems have business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Network Access & Security

Moving out gives you an opportunity to not only upgrade administrative details but also an opportunity to re-evaluate your network security and control measures.

Backups & Contingencies

Even if you trust your IT division with their capabilities, taking advice from an IT infrastructure specialist (like us) can the process of backup of your data.

We can assist you to configure your new IT infrastructure and the installation of your network cabling. We will also aim to support you with business continuity, network availability and Disaster Recovery.

We work with in-house teams and engineers and will make sure that your office relocation is smooth.

We take a different approach to growing companies. This past year we helped numerous businesses with the best solutions, resulting in an increase in productivity, added revenue and money saving.

We do this by providing-

  • Security Suite with maintenance and full cover.
  • Securing your Data.
  • IP Telephone systems with flexible packages; and much more.

If this is something you’d like to look into let’s set up a quick call to discuss ways we can specifically help your business. Get in touch us with.

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