Security Suite and Maintenance for your Business.

2018 is seen as the most insecure year to date, with security breaches and data theft affecting a large number of an International enterprise through SMBs. Reacting to the threat is costly and disruptive, with no guarantee that you will be able to recover stolen data or lost revenue.

Securing your IT infrastructure is more than protection from viruses and malware. Data corruption, unpatched software, and hardware failures can have a devastating effect on your business. Keeping on top maintaining up to date security patches, system updates and regular system cleanups can be difficult to achieve as it takes time and can cause user disruption. We offer services such as:

PC Tune Ups

All Pcs require regular maintenance to keep them running like new and extending their effective lifespan. We set and maintain maintenance tasks to keep your PC clean and maximize your time.

Security Updates and Patch Management

To add an additional level of security, we monitor and apply updates and patches as needed, with no disruption to the users. This in turn increase system stability.

ECS Security Suite

Incorporating the top Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing protection, alongside a robust Firewall and network monitoring to keep you and your data secure from threats. In addition, our technicians monitor the status of your protection and apply best practice policies for an additional layer of security.

Quarterly Reports

Our quarterly reports keep you up to speed worth health and status of your network, giving you the peace of mind that you are secure from threats.

Alongside, your quarterly reports you will also receive notifications of any detected issues that require actions.

Web Access Control

Our web access control allows you to block access to sites you don’t want the users to have access to by category (Social media/videos), or by specific sites (Facebook/YouTube). You can even block a category, social media for example, but allow access to specific sites like LinkedIn.

Maybe you want to block access to entertainment sites during work hours but allow them, during lunch or always allow access to specific PCs. We can create a set of rules tailored to your needs, allowing you to maintain control and ensure continuing productivity.

Best in Class

Our Security Suit is powered by the latest Bitdefender Endpoint Security, which is the top-rated security suite for business. Don’t just take our word for it, independent studies also agree.

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