ISDN Switch Off

The clear majority of businesses currently use an ISDN line connected to their in- house PBX, (phone system), unaware that there will be a switch of ISDN lines in a matter of years ahead.

In 2015 BT announced that they will be switching off the PSTN and ISDN networks by 2025. With this, BT will no longer accept any new orders or amendments to services applicable to any ISDN products as of 2020.

While 2025 may seem a long way off, 2020 is only two years away and the upcoming switch-off means that PSTN and ISDN lines are now considered a legacy product. This means that investment in these products is very likely to fall and eventually become difficult to maintain.

If your business uses or offers PSTN and ISDN lines as a service, the switch-off is going to have a significant effect on your business. While the PSTN and ISDN switch off won’t be taking place until 2025, by 2020 businesses will no longer be able to buy or upgrade to a system that utilises these networks.

 Although you will have a maintenance agreement for your phone system it will be difficult to obtain spare parts or new additional equipment as manufacturers will slow down production on the standard PBX. The solution is to migrate over to a VoIP service.

The main benefits of hosted VoIP

  • Easier to Manage
  • Upgrades at no cost, keeping you at the forefront of technology
  • Multi sites or home workers as if in office
  • Cheaper Calls, Free on net calls
  • Easier office moves or to add or remove extensions

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