Office in a Bag

Office in a Bag

Elite Cloud Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of Office in a Bag, an all-in-one work from home solution containing everything an employee needs to work from home efficiently and securely. Consolidating all your productivity resources in one easy-to-use platform, Office in a Bag is the perfect option for companies who want to connect and interact with their clients and employees in a new and scalable manner.

Good communication lies at the heart of all successful businesses, but even after becoming familiar with remote working due to COVID-19, many corporations have failed to communicate and connect with their employees and customers. This is why our Office in a Bag is the ideal solution containing everything you need to work from home while maintaining exceptional communication and upholding your professional image.

An uncompromised workflow
Office in a Bag is, quite literally, a full office setup packed in a bag. Offering two different packages, clients will benefit from the features and functionality of a traditional office space from the comfort of their own home. Both packages provide users with a laptop, 4G modem, headset and all required cables, along with an exceptionally professional service at their fingertips. With a high-grade telephone software, companies will be able to make free UK calls and receive company telephone calls from the user’s extension.

Laptops come installed with the latest versions of Windows 10 Pro and Office 365 software, updated using security patches when necessary. In addition to a 50GB mailbox and access to several shared email accounts, users will benefit from 1TB of both personal and team cloud storage. Documents on individual laptops are backed up to OneDrive to ensure no progress is lost, and the team will have access to 1TB of SharePoint shared storage, to ease project collaboration and management.

Safe and secure

According to Hiscox, every 19 seconds one small business in the UK is hacked. Every day, approximately 65,000 attempts to hack small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are made in the United Kingdom, with approximately 4,500 of them being effective. This is why at Elite Cloud Solutions, cybersecurity comes first.

We have installed a high quality Bitdefender Antivirus in all our software, vital to protect your device from a range of threats including ransomware and trojans. Paired with the user management system, we can ensure correct permissions across data/devices and fast device migration for end users.

Additionally, our device management software allows us to ensure your device and data are secure and usable. This is done through a number of ways including device data encryption (with decryption keys changing frequently for maximum security), the ability to remotely wipe data from the device in case of theft, rollout new software with minimal disruption as well as monitoring device health.

Making the Move

ECS is dedicated to supporting our clients in their technological transformation and success. We provide you with unparalleled experience in IT and communications in a today’s fast-paced environment where working from home is crucial.

If you would like to find out more about Office in a Bag, please contact us on 02071487860 or email and we will endeavour to guide and assist you with your queries.

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