Eight Major Benefits of Working from Home

Working from Home

Eight Major Benefits of Working from Home

1. Far More Flexible

Many remote positions often come with flexible working hours, allowing employees to start and finish their days whenever they choose, provided their work is completed and produces positive results. Being able to modify your work schedule will be invaluable, as it allows you to deal with personal affairs more effectively.

Many tasks that require completion on a remote basis can still be accomplished within flexible hours. Meaning whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you are able to finish your work regardless of when you choose to start your shift.

And even if you have to work set times, you’ll almost certainly have some downtime—time that you can spend however you like! Even if you just have 10 minutes, you can do anything you couldn’t in a typical office, such as taking a power nap. You’ll undoubtedly be more energized than if you spent 10 minutes at your desk scrolling through the same three apps.

2. Better Work-Life Balance

Versatility and agility in the working environment are among the many advantaged gained from working at home. Employees are positioned as comfortably as they like, and in turn are more likely to work extra flexible hours, since they are no longer restricted to an office space. For business owners, this could assist you in expanding your business, as clients in different time zones become more reachable.

Working at home will allow workers to boost their work-life balance, e.g. you may even have breaks at certain points, feel no eagerly eating lunch at any odd time you want on your families as they call. Many tasks become easier to balance while working from home, such as household chores, errands, working out or going on the school run.

3. Less Commute Stress

It takes an average of an hour to commute to and from work in the UK, with employees in London and the South East region commuting the longest. Whether stuck in road traffic or facing delays on public transport, commuting to work can be tiring and consumes too much time.

A number of research studies discovered that people commuting long distances are at risk of having higher rate of psychosomatic disorders than those with shorter journeys. Further physical symptoms include headaches and backaches, digestive and blood pressure problems.

While working from home, the absence of a long and tiresome journey help to promote both physical and mental wellbeing. The time saved can be refocused on priorities outside the workplace, such as sleeping extra in the morning, time with the family, workouts and a healthy breakfast.

4. Location Independence

Working from home has a number of advantages, one of which is having access to a wide variety of employment opportunities which aren’t restricted by geographical location. This could be of particular assistance for businesses and job seekers alike, where talent could be found online and employed on a digital basis. If you have staff working nationwide or even globally, you could get an incredible understanding of local markets.

And although it’s called working from home, you are not restricted to your home either. You have the option of working in a local cafe, library, out in the garden when the sun is out, in your car or pretty much anywhere. Freedom of location is a big plus, especially as a change of scenery is always welcome.

5. Saving Money

Employees who work from home will save thousands of pounds in petrol, vehicle maintenance, commuting, parking, a fashionable wardrobe, eating out, coffee and other expenditures, all of which are significantly scaled down. Though seemingly trivial, these little amounts add up to more money in your savings. Whipping up your own lunch and making coffee at home will save you both time and money.

In fact, employees aren’t the only ones who profit from the savings. Companies that have adopted remote working since the start of the pandemic, including Twitter, Shopify, and Facebook, are forecasting substantial long-term cost savings. In the UK, the most common company savings were due to employee food, drink and travel, cleaning services, catering for client meetings and rent and utilities. In comparing expenses before and throughout the lockdown, SME companies in the UK saved an incredible £840 a month on average. This could save businesses an annual cost of up to £10,000.

Even if you’re apprehensive about making the switch to a remote work environment due to the uncertainty of how it will affect your business, you are welcome to stagger your employees’ work-from-home days to save on office space.

6. Customisable Office

You’ll probably work from home if you work remotely. But that doesn’t mean you have to have fill a corner of your living room with a clunky desk, a huge monitor, and an ugly rolling chair. You can fit your office wherever it fits in your life. I’ve heard about a remote worker who uses her kitchen breakfast bar as a standing desk (all those health benefits with no investment!) and one who converted part of her bedroom closet into a “hidden” office so she can just shut her work away at the end of the day.
Another major advantage of remote work is the freedom to set up a cosy home office. You can set up your workspace in whichever way you please, whether you just want a more comfortable chair or opt for a full aesthetic makeover. You’re even welcome to blast music loudly or work in dead silence – you can make it a world catered specifically to your needs.

7. Increased Productivity and Development

Typically, remote working is likely to involve less interruptions, internal politics, disturbances, and less counter-productive meetings. This in turn promotes higher levels of productivity, which in itself is a major advantage of working from home for both management and staff members.

Additionally, individuals are able to refine their skill set more efficiently when working alone. Due to no longer having colleagues a few feet away, you’ll cultivate the experience of searching for your own solutions and being more diligent to discover what you need in terms of professional development. Naturally, you’re still welcome to ask questions and request assistance where necessary, but by finding yourself through something as simple as a Google search, free guide, or consulting the company’s wiki, you will be building your independence and individuality as an employee.

8. Environmental Impact

Reduced commuting transport is one of the quickest and easiest options for businesses and workers to cut their carbon emissions and impact climate change. Indeed, since the pandemic started, the planet has seen markedly decreased noise, congestion, and traffic, the effects of which could be a key driver of remote work for anyone involved.

Firms also used less paper as a result of digitizing files for remote employees. In fact, employers could potentially decrease the volume of paper used yearly significantly by eliminating the need for paper documentation. Just one saved tree will extract up to 6.7 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, resulting in major decreases of greenhouse gas pollution over the span of a year.

Distant working is also critical in minimising the level of air pollution. After COVID-19 hit, emissions in London alone were decreased by 25% during the regular work commute and 34% in the evening. This combination of reduced waste as well as lower pollution provides a convincing case for continuing to work from home, and it can encourage employers to stick with similar work arrangements.

Remote workers can have the same impact on air quality as planting an entire forest of 91 million trees by making environmentally sound choices like the ones mentioned.

Make it Happen

For all the reasons above and then some, here at Elite Cloud Solutions we recommend switching to a working from home basis, saving your company both time and money, and accentuating positive effects on employee morale as well as the environment.

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