FSA and MIFID II: – As of January 2018 the FSA, made it a requirement of certain UK financial institutions to record mobile calls between traders, anyone offering financial advice and customers. However, while fixed line recording solutions are widely deployed, mobile recording has been a challenge for most organisations, not at ECS.

The FCA recently commissioned a survey that has shown that only 13% of advisors currently record mobile telephone conversations and electronic communications in line with the EU rules. Checks are been carried out and the penalties are extremely high.

ECS provide a hosted telephony system (VoIP) this is the ideal way to record conversations. Delivered over the internet and stored in the cloud, (for 5 years, ensuring the FCA compliance is met), the technology enables you to record mobile calls and text securely. Call recording is just one benefit, the most important is cost where businesses typically see their bills drop by 30%.


ECS’s advanced voice services are fully integrated to the mobile network. All mobile calls, SMS and data work as normal on the mobile network but are delivered to the ECS network where additional features work, like alternative numbers, PBX features, or CALL RECORDING.

Once connected to our VoIP platform, mobile phones work as a desk phone on your phone system, with DDI number, short dial extension, call transfer, hunt groups, whilst still completely integrated with the mobile network for voice, data and SMS.

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