Office in A Bag

What is it?

It is an all-in-one work from home solution.

The bag contains all the hardware and software components an employee needs to work from home efficiently and securely with remote support from Elite Cloud Solutions. The laptop bag contains a laptop, 4G modem, headset, and all required cables.

We have two standard packages. Package 1 contains a laptop that will suit most users for at least 3 years and has an external 4G modem. Package 2 has a more expansive laptop for power users or those wanting something a little fancier. It has a built in 4G modem and backlit keyboard.

The software used on both laptops are identical.

Free UK Local/National/Mobile calls – Telephone software to make and receive company telephone calls from the user’s extension

Emails – Users get a 50GB mailbox and access to several shared email accounts.

Office 365 Applications – Users get the most up to date 365 software including:

  • Outlook- for sending and receiving emails
  • Word- for text document editing
  • Excel- for spreadsheet editing
  • Teams- for communication with team members and clients

Cloud Storage – Users get 1TB of personal OneDrive storage. Documents on the laptop are backed up to OneDrive to ensure users do not lose their work in case of device failure. The team also gets 1TB of SharePoint shared storage, where they can collaborate on documents together.

Windows 10 Pro – Laptop comes installed with latest Windows 10 Pro which is kept up to date with security patches and updates.

Bitdefender Antivirus – This is vital to protect your device from a range of threats including ransomware and trojans.

Device Management – Device management software allows us to ensure device and data security and usability. Some things it allows us to do:

  • Device data encryption, with decryption keys changing frequently.
  • Remote wiping of devices
  • Rollout new software with minimal disruption
  • Provide effective remote support
  • Monitor device health

User Management – With the user management system, we can ensure correct permissions across data/devices and fast device migration for end users.

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