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About Us

In recent years, more and more companies have been looking at the implications of adopting cloud technology and weighing up the impact and advantage of implementing cloud solutions.


Previous in-house services like on-site servers, on-premise PBX, and email servers have been replaced with more flexible cloud versions, such as hosted servers, VOIP, hosted PBX, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams meetings, and many more cloud-based services.

Elite Cloud Solutions were an early adopter of implementing cloud solutions and continue to do so for businesses like yours.

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About Us

Small enough to care. Big enough to cope. Here to restore control of your time through hassle-free IT and communication solutions.

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Why choose us?

We aren't here to baffle you with complicated technical jargon to make ourselves clever. Instead, our time would be much better suited to giving you back control of your time. 

Who we are

At Elite Cloud Solutions, we’re the customer in-house IT support team you didn’t know you always wanted. We work hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly and your tech questions are answered quickly and effectively. Whether its server maintenance or creating new cloud applications, we do it all. Stop by our website today and see how we can help you with all of your cloud needs. You won’t be disappointed!

What we do

Elite Cloud Solutions is a managed services provider (MSP) and cloud company. We take care of your tech so you can focus on your business. Our staff are carefully selected because they possess one important trait with experience inclusive, above all else; they love technology. This allows us to offer reliable, secure hosting and cloud solutions to small and medium businesses while giving them 24/7 support from our in-house team of certified technicians.


No matter what’s wrong, we’ve got you covered.

We are more than just an in-house IT support team. We’re also a team of fully-certified technicians that can help your company protect its digital infrastructure and improve its overall efficiency.

We are not just a customer service department, but a full-on in-house IT solution offering everything from changing a router password to fully managed data centre environments with 24/7 monitoring. If something goes wrong, our certified technicians are ready to help at any time of day or night!

From utilising state-of-the-art technology to helping to protect your online security, we have you covered with all of our cloud solutions. Whatever you need to be done – from hosting servers to VOIP phone systems – we’re here for you!

How are we different?

Contact us

Want to see how we can help take back control and look after your systems? Drop us a message below.

Thanks for contacting Elite Cloud Solutions, We will respond as soon as possible!

The Base | Victoria Road

Dartford | DA1 5FS |UK

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