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Communication Tower


Built around three major components to provide truly unified communications.

Office 365 and the Hosted PBX provides the core from which all other functionality connects too, linked together by the Teams Integration. Emails, shared contacts, call recordings and analytics, phone calls, conferences and more come together so users can maximise the effectiveness of their communication, with their teams and their customers. 

Take advantage of our hosted cloud-based telephone solutions. Delivered as a service from the cloud providing robust business strength communications to your users whether they are working in or away from the office.

Elite Cloud Solutions offers all the capability to provide Unified Communications (UC) which allows you to integrate all the different forms of communications into one solution (e.g. telephone, mobile, email, fax, instant messaging). We tailor our communication packages to your requirements, and you will never pay for what you don't use.


Teams Integration

Access all the features of your hosted PBX from within Microsoft Teams.

Unlimited IVR, Hunt Group and Call queues to any device BW.png
Teams Integration

Hosted PBX

Hosted Telephone Systems are subscription-based services, so there are no large upfront investments required and no long-term operating costs for maintenance and installations that usually apply with traditional phone systems.


There is no need to continue giving out multiple contact numbers. Callers can contact you on your business number wherever you are, no matter what device you are using.


Log in from virtually any location worldwide over a PC or compatible wireless-enabled mobile device and be contactable on your normal telephone number. 

Hosted PBX Chart BW.png
Hosted PBX

Office 365

With Office 365 we can provide scalable productivity and collaboration platform to suit your every need

Office 365 New BW.png

Additional licenses are available for a variety of different applications and uses.  Call us for further information and to discuss your needs.

Office 365

Call Analytics

Artificial intelligence-driven call recording with transcription service and sentiment analysis. 


The ECS Call Insight solution is available through our Advanced Analytics platform and provides additional observation on your call recordings.    


The ECS solutions take these services to the next level and add an even greater form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) insight to your calls and interactions through high-quality speech-to-text call transcription.  


The solution examines the text, key phrases, names, brands, people, and events to determine how positive or negative the conversation is. Each call is assigned a score, and it is also checked for profanity and the exposing of sensitive client data. 


The data is filtered and reported so the user can see all calls, from any given period, grouped by sentiment, topic or warning, which is especially useful for identifying non-compliance in calls, training needs, and grouping of calls by words or phrases.  


A full search feature is included to search any processed call for any word over any time period, with advanced filtering via any of the search features within analytics, such as number, extension, team (hunt group) etc. 

Call Insight can be enabled on a per-user (extension) basis. Call Insight requires the Advanced Analytics platform subscription.  

Call Analytics

Customisable Wallboards

Customisable wallboards - simple drag and drop to create your own wallboards from a selection of data points. 

Live agent information and call queue statistics. 

Agent sentiment analysis and reporting. 

Wrap up codes with follow up scheduler for call backs. 


You can have a call centre and sales wallboard that are tailored to you needs. You could have the total calls, answered calls, missed calls, new callers, inbound calls, inbound talk time, outbound calls, outbound talk time, average talk time, ongoing calls and SMS received.



​ECS Softphone app has all the features of a desk phone put simply onto any device of your choice, allowing you to make work calls anywhere anytime.

  • Improved productivity regardless of where your team works.

  • Empower your staff to work from any location.

  • Make calls from office numbers remotely.

  • Reduce additional and necessary phone bills.

  • Make calls from any mobiles, tablets or laptops.

  • BYOD - Separate business and personal calls easily with the app. 

  • Have real-time presence of your team.

  • Green environmental benefits through the use of an app. 


Video Conferencing

Whether you are having an internal or external video conference call, vipeX live is a flexible and easy to use collaboration tool with many features that can enhance your business and make all your meetings worthwhile. 


Fully customisable to your business branding with customisable themes.


There are no downloads required, and you can share multiple screens at any given time.

Full room-scale conferencing, Teams Rooms, Setting up hardware, large scale or personal scale setups. 


Business Mobile

With customised business mobile packages from the UK's main networks, you'll get industry-leading support and customer service.​


Do you want mobiles connected directly with the platform, the resilience of a multi-network SIM, or even a low-cost data package? 


We have the package for you. 

Business Mobile BW.png
Business Mobile
Here to support you.

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