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We're here to help and support you, providing IT support that covers all your needs for security, management and support, ensuring rapid adoption without requiring heavy infrastructure investment. 

Our aim is to ensure we provide the best suited IT or telecoms solution to meet the demands of our customer, whilst providing exceptional service and support to build strong business relationships. 


Today we deliver a full range of Business Grade offerings, including Connectivity and Networking, Mobile, Voice Services and Telephone Systems. All are supported by our team who deliver a true Business Grade service. 

We strive to help business growth and know that sound investments in the right technology can lead to increased revenues in your business and greater profitability for you, enabling a more productive and efficient workplace for your business. 


The telecoms and ICT sector is a crowded marketplace, in which many UK businesses are confused over who is ultimately responsible for maintaining service levels. In this fragmented environment, customers choose Elite Cloud Solutions to deliver an end-to-end solution with one single point of contact. 

Support Services

We understand that each customer is unique, and ECS's approach is as well.


We have the solution that's suitable for you and your organisation, whether you're searching for a managed services partner to fill in the gaps and support your IT team, or you're looking to outsource all your IT for total peace of mind. 

We pay attention to our clients and collaborate closely with them. Because of our unique partnership approach, we get to know and understand our clients' needs, processes, and the support you require.


This approach, combined with our industry-leading knowledge and technical expertise, has allowed us to support clients over time, overcome challenges, and establish an enviable reputation for providing dependable, cost-effective IT solutions and support for businesses ranging from SMEs to Public Sector organisations across the UK and internationally. 

Support Services
Group project help

Project Management

Technology is continually evolving and so too are your needs. We’ll make sure your IT projects are on track to boost the value of IT in your business. We can alleviate the burden of moving offices, delivering a technology refresh, or introducing new business application software.  

Project Management

Disaster Recovery

Human error and hardware failure have always been solid reasons to back up your data on a regular basis, depending on your business's needs, ECS can recommend a range of backup solutions. We assist customers in securing their data by using devices such as external drives or remote servers.  


Why have a Disaster recovery plan? 


Uptime becomes more crucial as technology becomes more prevalent in our organisations. Could your company withstand two hours of downtime? Probably. 4 Hours? Maybe. How about a 24-hour period? 

Users within a business will be able to continue working even if their servers and IT infrastructure are down in a true disaster. This can be done with the use of laptops available for remote working and by implementing on-site and off-site backup and disaster recovery solutions.  


Following the disaster recovery, ECS supports in ensuring that users can interact with the system as they would do normally in an office for example, particularly in terms of connecting to all the resources, apps, and files in the new hosted environment. The system is then restored once the original environment has been repaired, replaced, or made operational. ECS assists the company in getting back to business as usual.  


Data Recovery – Prevention is always better than a cure, preventing data loss is critical for your company to avoid irreversible damage. Data loss can occur in a variety of ways, including software crashes, accidental deletion, viruses and other attacks. Having a data recovery system in place can recover any data loss that has occurred quickly and efficiently, preventing any long-term repercussions and allowing the smooth day to day operations to continue.  

Disaster Recovery

Office Infrastructure

Here are a variety of reasons why a company’s IT infrastructure may need to be relocated or updated.


Whether it’s the start of a new firm, a merger, a period of rapid development, or just a change of circumstances that has forced your office to relocate, it’s the beginning of an exciting yet stressful moment for your IT operations.


ECS keep your business needs in mind during our fully managed IT relocation solutions, ensuring that inconvenience and risk are kept to a minimum as we get you up and running.

Office Infrastructure


We will always stay one step ahead with technology as it changes and progresses constantly. As a result, we can always offer new suggestions and ideas to help you improve your business and plans for the future.  

There’s always space for improvement in your IT setup and strategy but finding the time to sit back and evaluate these critical parts of your organisation can be challenging.


Even if you do have the time, does your company have the resources it needs to implement changes?


With ECS on board, you’ll get a professional evaluation of your current IT strategy, from inefficiencies to recommended IT services, as well as invaluable advice on what you can do to maximise your business IT strategy in line with growth expectations. 

Team Meeting
Security Camera


Over the last year, the risk of cybercrime has risen considerably. In fact, in 2020, almost 50% of UK businesses had experienced a cyber-attack. As a result, it is more important than ever to prioritise your cyber security.  

We understand how difficult it is to know exactly what threats exist and how to protect yourself from them. As a result, it is our objective to make the process of securing your organisation as simple as possible by providing you with easy-to-understand cyber solutions and customised security.  


Remote Workers

Today's technology makes it ever easier to work remotely, and especially with the recent pandemic, the workplace has evolved because of it.  Employers more and more are noticing benefits of employees working remotely.

At ECS we understand the need for remote working/telecommuting, and have a range of tools we can use so that whether you're a fully remote worker, have a flexible arrangement or work from an office, you can all seamlessly collaborate with each other.

Freelancer Working from Home
Remote Workers
Mobile Phone

Single Sign On

Employees are increasingly using apps in the workplace as companies move to the cloud. Separate usernames and passwords for each app impose a significant burden on employees. Single sign-on reduces that cognitive burden, you can just simply sign on once and not have to worry again.  


In terms of time, users have no need to hop between multiple login URLs, or reset passwords, so they can save between 5 – 15 seconds per login.  

A single sign-on solution can simplify username and password management for both users and administrators. Users no longer must keep track of different sets of credentials and can simply remember a single more complex password. SSO often enables users to just get access to their applications much faster.  

Single Sign On

Multi-Factor Authorisation

The fundamental advantage of Multi-Factor Authorisation (MFA) is that it increases the security of your company by forcing users to identify themselves with more than just a username and password. Usernames and passwords, while crucial, are vulnerable to brute force assaults and can be stolen by third parties. Enforcing the usage of a multi-factor authentication (MFA) factor such as a fingerprint or real hardware key increases your organisations trust in its ability to protect itself against cyber attackers. 


Passwords may be the most common way to verify your online identity, but they are increasingly providing inadequate security. Once a password has been stolen, hackers can use it to get into apps and company systems, bypass other security measures, and cause havoc. 


MFA is much more successful when used in conjunction with a SSO solution, which eliminates several passwords from the equation, enhancing security and increasing user experience.

Designing on Laptop
Multi-Factor Authorisation
Here to support you.

Our people are on-hand to support your team. Drop us a message below and see how we can best support your needs and goals.

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