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We have solutions that provide organisations like yours with the collaborative tools and communications you require in order to keep up with shifting trends. Our smart collaboration solutions allow you to work at a faster speed while also giving you the flexibility to work how, when, and where you want, on whatever device you want.


Microsoft Teams

There's no need for separate voice solutions. ECS Teams makes use of carrier-grade infrastructure to provide an always-on service that allows you to contact any external number and receive calls directly into your Microsoft Teams system.


ECS Teams is a cost-effective, flexible, and accessible alternative to existing calling services that allows you to call anyone from anywhere.


Microsoft Teams brings together several capabilities seen in traditional voice platforms, giving businesses a single solution for their internal and external collaboration and communication needs.


You'll never miss a call, whether you're at the office or working remotely. ECS Teams transforms Microsoft Teams into a full collaborative solution by delivering external voice services and sophisticated capabilities through your Microsoft Teams app, accessible from any place and on any device. This type of collaboration and communication allows you to conduct business as usual regardless of where you are - at home, in the office, or out on site.


Microsoft Teams, in conjunction with ECS Teams, creates the ideal UC solution by combining a single platform for collaboration and voice. Using a single solution, communicate with colleagues internally and provide service to clients externally.

Microsoft Teams


SharePoint works in unison with OneDrive to create a centralised space for your business to store and locate files and documents.

SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document/data management software solution that’s designed to connect all your employees and business resources together. SharePoint allows everyone to collaborate and synchronise daily business tasks and responsibilities from a centralised software platform.

Whether you work in marketing, project management, business intelligence, human resources, customer relationship management or more, SharePoint is an ideal tool for efficient and collaborative working.

Included within Office 365 Business.



OneDrive lets you sync and store your files in one place, share them with colleagues, and access them from any internet-connected device.

It combines with SharePoint and allows you to customise folders and file names for organising, whilst keeping them securely stored.


Conferencing Hardware

In order to stay relevant today, businesses of all sizes must use some form of conferencing service. Recent years have seen an abundance of providers bring their conferencing hardware to the market, emphasised by the growth in working from home.

Finding the hardware relevant to your company in the populated market can be difficult, but we can we help to source the relevant equipment tailored to your needs.


Desktops | Laptops

PC Equipment is an essential part of most businesses today and when they get old and cluttered with applications they often need upgrading or replacing.

Whether it is upgrading, or replacing, regardless of your need we can help.

Are you unsure of what you need, and don't want to waste money, we can help there too, just contact us, and one of our experienced engineers will help you find equipment that is suited to your needs.

Conference Hardware


With todays technology there's an app for everything, grades of applications for different businesses, different types of application that do similar things.


Regardless of your knowledge level we can help. Are you confused with all the options or is there a better or more financially viable alternative you hadn't considered. Our engineers would be happy to provide support and guidance in your decisions.



Business leaders are rapidly switching to cloud phone service as a way to equip staff with tools needed to communicate effectively, and your phone line is no different. Traditional phone systems and more and more being replaced with cloud based SIP services that are expandable to meet the needs of your business.

Contact us about your requirements and we'll be able to put together a package that meets your need at a competitive price.

SIP Phones

Office in a bag

The pandemic, for many, has changed the way we work, with more people working remotely, the focus has changed to how we keep these people working efficiently.

Office in a bag was created with this in mind, it's contains everything you need for one person to be able to work and communicate regardless of where they are.

The Package contains a laptop, 4G modem, headset, and all you require to work anywhere with a mobile signal. With different packages available for those who need a little extra power, there's a package to suit everyone.

Office In A Bag
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