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Our technicians assist you to optimise your business operations by designing, implementing and updating infrastructure based on your business goals, workforce size, and development plans.

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Depending on your location and cost there are different broadband packages that can be used. at ECS we can help you find the right package for your business.  Need redundancy for your broadband? we've got you covered there too, add an additional broadband connection or a mobile SIM to your setup with our firewalls for seamless failover incase of an issue.


ECS works with some of the most well-known telecommunications and internet service providers to provide clients with a range of services, from broadband to dedicated lease lines. Whe0n shifting offices or installing new broadband, our experience working with BT and other telecom service providers will save you time and money.

In order to function properly, network cabling solutions must be installed to exacting requirements. Our installers have the necessary credentials and adhere to exacting standards to ensure that your cabling is up to the task at hand.


A firewall is an important component of your company’s security system.


Your network will be more vulnerable without one. A firewall keeps harmful and disruptive network traffic out while controlling incoming and outgoing network traffic using security parameters that can be tweaked.


Viruses, worms, spam, and other unwanted Internet traffic are detected and blocked. They’ll also keep track of attempted intrusions and other policy violations.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a variety of Cloud products, infrastructure services, and applications, including storage, backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity, database and business applications, analytics, all of which are delivered via Virtual Machines.

These cloud services platforms enable you to create more scalable networks and access corporate applications with greater flexibility and dependability.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Intune

The global workforce is becoming increasingly mobile. People are working on the move in greater numbers than ever before, thanks to the growing number of cloud services available. When people operate remotely or on the go, security is still a crucial problem. Intune is a Microsoft tool that allows all businesses to work securely and conveniently on the go.

Microsoft Intune allows you to provide everything your staff needs to operate on their devices while maintaining security. Users may be productive regardless of the device they're using, and you won't have to worry about the data security of your company.

With Intune you can set rules and policies for a range of devices, whether they're personal or organisation owned. This means your company can have a BYOD (bring your own device) policy without major concerns about security. 

Deploy apps to devices from any location to several devices concurrently. For example, you can deploy apps such as Microsoft Teams, Word, and Outlook to the devices you manage using Intune.


You can control what users and devices can access., whilst protecting your organisation’s data by controlling the information that users can access and share.


Ensure that the devices you have and are using are compliant with your security requirements. If devices aren’t compliant, this will be flagged up and you can resolve the issue.

Microsoft Intune

Data Backup

The goal when backing up data is to generate a copy of the data that can be recovered if the primary data fails.


Primary data failures can be caused by hardware or software failures, data corruption, or a human-error initiated event such as a malicious attack (virus or a malware) or data deletion by accident.


Backup copies allow data to be recovered from a previous point in time, which can aid in the recovery of your business in the event of an unanticipated occurrence.

Backup copies should be made on a consistent, regular basis for optimal outcomes since this will reduce the amount of data lost between backups.


When recovering from a backup, the longer the gap between backup copies, the greater the risk of data loss. Multiple copies of data provide the assurance and flexibility of being able to restore to a point in time where data damage or malicious attacks have not occurred.

To ensure that all our clients’ vital data documents are safe, Elite Cloud Solutions highly recommends that they use our managed cloud backup service.

Data Backup

Hosted Server

With dedicated servers provided to power your business needs, for now, and the future. With variable storage amounts and 100% network uptime, we can keep your business online when it matters most.


Hosted servers give you a flexible way to access your files and will grow with your company as a service. We provide secure backups that ensure that your data is always available whenever and wherever you need it. Ensuring business continuity.

No more wasting time looking for the files you need. A central location for all your documents in one place makes it easier to handle and locate and gives you and your colleagues instant access to critical information from any device, at any time.


Hosted Servers allow you to get rid of your physical servers and external hard drives, as well as all the charges and maintenance fees that come with them.

Hosted Server
Let's enhance your infrastructure.

We work to understand your business and its infrastructure to make tailored suggestions and modifications.

Thanks for contacting Elite Cloud Solutions, We will respond as soon as possible!

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