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Why Your Business Needs Patch Management

Updated: May 30, 2022

Patch Management has developed a bad name for being tedious. It may be inconvenient, costly, and cause problems. When not properly handled, all of above may be true. However, every company should have a patch management plan, and having it managed by specialists is crucial to its success.

So, what is Patch Management?

With the ever-increasing risk of security vulnerabilities being exploited on a daily basis, keeping your servers, workstations, and routers updated, reliable, and secure is becoming a more essential component of IT support.

Patch Management is a completely managed solution that allows you to update your devices remotely to help maintain efficiency, capability, and best security practises.

Why you need to use a Patch Management service.

Simply put, cyber safety. Businesses use a patch management service for a variety of reasons, including cyber security, and it's important for not just highlighting but also addressing problems.

With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly common in the news, it's critical for companies to maintain their equipment up to date to prevent hackers from exploiting security flaws. In fact, with your devices patched, you're less likely to be harmed by a cyber-attack, as around 70% of cyber-attacks target known flaws. It's as easy as that: a patched server or PC is less vulnerable to malware and other infections.

Un-patched software is also a virus magnet, and hackers target companies whose IT systems are not patched since they know far more likely to succeed.

The timely use of safety patches greatly minimises the chance of a safety violation and any associated difficulties, such as data robbery, data loss, reputational concerns, or even legal fines.

However, it is possible for patch management not just to detect and correct vulnerabilities to security.

It can also boost productivity in your company. A service that routinely and proactively upgrades your devices allows your infrastructure remains consistent since patches might contain enhancements in speed and repair problems which often cause your systems to break. Working on the current patch helps to stop recurring crashes and allows staff to work free of downtime.

By not depending largely on an internal IT department, patch management helps decrease downtimes. The patching of your internals IT is time intensive! There's no way around. For instance, upgrading each computer during working hours might be a grave pain and have a harmful impact on your business if you have more than 20 computers on your organisation. If you do not have a patch management system in your organisation, they may not even be able to try the task or can only restrict it to important servers.

A fully-managed patch management solution can lighten up the strain on your IT and make sure your devices run the correct and most recent updates.

How should it be managed?

Update services may cease, fail, and end users may override if not properly controlled. A regulated and dedicated service is the finest and safest approach to manage patch management.

Professionals such as a specialist engineering team should only carry out patch management. More organisations increasingly outsource their patch management and experience great success. Outsourcing can provide you with peace of mind, enhance productivity and for professional patches to be carried out remotely. When handled by experts, they may manage the patch application acceptance, monitor the success of each patch and patch reporting.

Your Next Step

If you think Patch Management might help your company, contact us at Elite Cloud Solutions to learn more about a variety of Patch Management solutions. We'll be delighted to answer your questions and help you figure out if Patch Management is suitable for you and, if so, which solutions would be the most beneficial.

Do you want to operate in a more efficient and secure manner? To discuss your company's aims and objectives, schedule a free online or on-site consultation with our team of experts. 

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